New Official Launch Date - March 2022

Like festival organizers around the world, the founders of Winterland continue to adjust to the Covid-19 pandemic and shifting schedules. Our launch was scheduled for March 2021, but we’ve modified the date and our launch format. We will host a small, three-day ‘teaser’ festival in September 2021, and an official, full launch in early March 2022.

Check back here for updated info about our other socially-distanced, but super fun micro-events we are planning in the coming weeks and months!

Our thoughts are with the individuals and families locally and around the world who have lost loved ones or suffered the virus personally. We thank all the frontline workers in health care, law enforcement, education and all service industries. Though the virus is currently surging in the U.S. there is also developing news of a promising vaccine and more attention to following safety protocols to reduce transmission. Stay safe.